Purchasing Policy
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This Conflict of Interest Policy was adopted by the Board of the FSCSD on November 11th 2009.

Feather Sound Community Services District

Purchasing Policy

(Adopted November 11th 2009)


Purchases for goods and services may only be made for the purpose of maintaining the green-spaces and lighting of common areas within the boundaries of Feather Sound Community Services District (FSCSD) and for the fulfillment of responsibilities as defined in the agreement between FSCSD and Pinellas County. Maintenance of roadways, sidewalks, signage, areas outside of the taxing district, within the boundaries of established homeowners associations or on private property are not within the FSCSD charter. Funding for purchases outside the FSCSD charter is prohibited.


  1. Under $500: Board members have the authority to approve purchases up to $500. All purchases, regardless of dollar amount, will require receipts and must be reviewed and approved by the board as appropriate and within the charter authority of the organization at the next board meeting.

  2. $501--$9,999: purchases must be approved in advance by a vote of the board.


  3. Greater than $9,999: Purchases exceeding $9,999 require bids and board approval. In some instances, (professional services, lack of competitors) the board may waive formal bidding.


  4. Recurring Expenditures: Recurring expenditures and payments for utilities (electric and water) and contractual obligations (lawn and grounds maintenance) do not require approval after the initial service or contract has been approved by the board. All non-recurring purchases are subject to board review and approval. Approval of all purchases should be noted in the board minutes.


  5. Emergency Purchases: The Chairman or Vice-Chairman shall be authorized to make emergency purchases, not exceeding $9,999, in cases where failure to do so could result in an immediate and apparent loss to FSCSD. The board shall be notified of an emergency purchase at the first opportunity.


FSCSD requires bidding on all purchases in excess of $9,999 (except as discussed in Section I). Purchases for amounts less than $9,999 may also be bid at the discretion of the board. If the board determines that a purchase should be bid then it will appoint a board member to solicit bids from at least three sources. The board will review these bids and evaluate each based on price, quality of service and other criteria which it considers appropriate. An award of bid will be made and noted in the minutes of the board meeting.

The board member soliciting the bids is responsible for notifying the vendors of their bid status and when appropriate request a written contract from the winning vendor. The board may authorize signing of the contract by the board member coordinating the bidding process or ask for board review and approval of the contact at its next meeting. Contractors/Vendors awarded a bid must provide proof of insurance and licenses as appropriate for the services to be performed. A copy of the board minutes approving each contract should be kept with the original contract.


All contracts and on-going service arrangements should be reviewed at least annually by the board and approved for continuation or re-bid upon expiration of their term. This review should be recorded in the meeting minutes.  The board may at its discretion elect to continue service agreements without a written contract in those cases where it determines there is little or no financial risk or other consequences in the termination of the agreement by either party on a short term basis.

Contracts and service arrangements currently subject to annual review include the following:

Progress Energy (Electric)
Pinellas County Utilities (water)
BeMac (Lawn and grounds maintenance)
Omni (Irrigation system)
American Ecosystems (Pond water treatment)
Architectural Fountains Inc (Water Fountain service)
Play Safety, Inc ( Playground inspection)
St. Petersburg Times (Legal notices)
United States Liability Ins Grp ( Non Profit Professional Liability Policy)
Auto-Owners Insurance (General Liability Insurance)
Synovus Bank (Banking services)
Regions Bank (Banking services)
The UPS Store (Mail services)
Attkisson & Associates, P.A. (Tax and audit services)


Payment in full will only be made once it is determined that the full value of the goods or services have been delivered and invoiced. Payment should be made by check or direct debit to the checking account as in the case of utilities (electric and water). Payment may also be made by debit card for small recurring transactions such as the legal meeting notices in the St. Petersburg Times. Payments by check require the signatures of two bank authorized board members. All payments by check must be documented with a receipt and include the check number and date of payment. The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining documentation for all disbursements and making them available to the external and internal auditors for FSCSD.


FSCSD is exempt from sales tax. Vendors should be notified of this status when purchases are made. An exemption certificate from the State of Florida should be provided to the vendor if needed to demonstrate tax exempt status. It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to renew the sales tax exemption with the State of Florida as needed.


Board Members are prohibited from purchasing any item in the name of FSCSD for personal use and are further prohibited from using their status as a board member to coerce special consideration in the purchase of goods and/or services for personal use. Board members are prohibited from purchasing from vendors where a conflict of interest may be present. See FSCSD Conflict of Interest Policy.


Draft Revised (Oct 2009)