Community Playground Build Day
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Save the Date:  Sat., April 21st, 2007 – Community Playground Build Day

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Sunday, April 22nd, 2007 – 4:00 P.M.


J  “Many Hands Make for Light Work”  J

Volunteer Areas

Please read and see where YOUR talents can best be used, then call Chris J



             Chairperson(s):      Chris Merritt: 515-5785 & Debbie Tucker: 488-4515


          Communications:      Debbie Wilson

                                        Volunteer needed to help with paperwork, administrative duties, and registration on Saturday.


                   Child Care:      Carolyn Thames, Leader

                2-4 members      This committee organizes and staffs child care for volunteers’ children during installation.  Volunteers needed to help with children from 7:45am-12:30pm on Saturday.  Teenagers welcomed as helpers.


           Public Relations:      Ann Miller, Leader

                1-2 members      Promotes all phases of the project through local, regional and state media (newspapers, radio stations, TV stations).  Issues regular press releases about the project.  Organizes media event for Ribbon Cutting Celebration. Historian still needed to help ‘document’ scrapbook the project.


                Construction:      Steve Ochsner, Leader

                3-7 members      Volunteers needed for pre-assembly sorting of equipment on Friday evening, and then Saturday installation and site cleanup. 


          Food & Beverage:      Pat Moriarty, Leader

                2-4 members      Volunteers needed for committee to arrange for delivery, serving and clean up for food on Saturday, as well as the Grand Opening on Sunday.


         First Aid & Safety:      Safety:  Shelly Elrod \ First Aid:  ________________

                1-2 members      Volunteers still needed to help with covering the first aid station on Saturday.


                          Tools:      Dave, Leader

                3-7 members      Volunteers still needed to help with securing tools, organizing and dispersing tools on build day.

For regular updates on the project, please go to