New Roads
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On Friday May 14th 2004 the City of St Petersburg signed an agreement  with Feather Sound resident Fred Bullard, owner of four private roads  near the Egret entrance of Feather Sound, which allowed these roads and other commercial properties to be annexed by the City. This agreement was approved by the St Petersburg City Council on Thursday May 20th 2004.   The cost of these repairs and improvements was approximately $425,000.  See story in the May 20th 2004 edition of the St Petersburg Times for further details. And Times articles on City Council approval of agreement.  History of the roads before repairs.  (Click on the images below to view them full size)

Welcome Sign

Egret Blvd Heron Blvd Large Image Egret Blvd after repairs Egret before repairs
Egret Blvd Large Image

 New lights

Egret Blvd Heron Blvd after repairs Egret before repairs