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The FSCSD board is composed of seven volunteer members from the Feather Sound community appointed by the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners. Each member serves for one year from January 1st to December 31st. The FSCSD postal address is 2655 Ulmerton Rd, Box 266, Clearwater, FL 33762.


Board Members for 2017

Board Member

Board Position Email Daytime Phone
Susanne Hebert  Chairman 727-480-4563
Maria Hubert Vice-Chairman 727-667-5759
Rich Pettit Treasurer 727-599-6569
Dimity Carlson Secretary 727-573-3931
Richard Linthicum Board Member 813-335-6262

Harry Venezia, Jr.

Board Member 727-579-7977
Marshall Deason Board Member 727-573-9558


Board Member Duties and Responsibilities

Chairman ( Susanne Hebert )

  • Schedule and conduct board meetings, prepare agenda
  • Liaison with Pinellas Board of County Commissioners
  • Recommends replacements for FSCSD board as needed
  • Media contact/spokesperson

Vice-Chairman ( Maria Hubert)

  • Chairman's duties in Chairman's absence

Secretary  ( Dimity Carlson )

  • Record meeting minutes

Treasurer (Rich Pettit)

  • Disburse, receive and invest FSCSD funds
  • Prepare monthly and annual financial reports
  • Arrange for annual audit of financial records and tax return
  • Distribute annual report to residents and county board
  • Prepare annual budget request/present to Pinellas BCC
  • Arranges for D&O and Property Insurance
  • Place public notice of meetings in newspaper 

GreenSpace Committee (   )

  • Liaison with green space maintenance company - BEMAC
  • Liaison with landscape lighting company Luminary Effects
  • Liaison with fountain maintenance company - Architectural Fountains, Inc
  • Liaison with Feather Sound Country Club for irrigation
  • Liaison with Gulf Stream Irrigation for irrigation of recreation area
  • Recreation area monitoring/ maintenance recommendations/mitigation compliance
  • Front entrance, medians, fountain, landscape lighting monitoring

Lighting Committee (  )

  • Liaison with Progress Energy
  • Inspect and report lighting and fixtures problems
  • Reviews and recommends board action on lighting changes