Letter from Vice Chairman John Morroni regarding Annexation
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July 27, 2004

Ms. Doris Sintic
14025 Crane Terrace
 Clearwater, FL 33762

Dear Doris:

On July 18, you sent me an email expressing concern about annexations in the Feather Sound area. As you are aware, the City of St. Petersburg has annexed a commercial area on Ulmerton Road, which is south and east of Heron Boulevard. The owner of this property was willing to have his property annexed apparently in exchange for certain financial incentives offered by the City. I should note that our County did pose several questions to the City regarding this annexation as to its appropriateness and the ability of the City to serve.. However, the City did proceed to approve that annexation at its meeting of July 15.

It is also required that a written report, with a recommendation, be made by the Pinellas Planning Council, as to whether the City has the ability to provide municipal services to that area. That action was heard by the Pinellas Planning Council on July 21.

Earlier, the City of St. Petersburg annexed the Gateway preserve area, which is to the north and east of Feather Sound. Pinellas County urged the State to oppose this annexation. The Stale approved and the City, however proceeded to annex the area.

The important consideration regarding annexations is the willingness of the landowners. With respect to the Feather Sound residential area, no property can be annexed by the City of St. Petersburg without a majority of the affected residents, or property owners, being receptive to the proposal. Even though, as you pointed out, the City is to the south, north, and east of Feather Sound, that does not in any way compromise that community's position concerning annexation. In fact, there are many areas in Pinellas County, especially in mid-County, where such irregular municipal boundaries are very common due to property owners' unwillingness to annex.

If you desire to get a more in-depth review of the way in which annexation laws apply to your Feather Sound area, I would encourage you to talk with Gordon Beardslee or Brian Smith in the County Planning Department at (727) 464-8200. You can be assured that your County Commission and County staff highly value the Feather Sound community and will provide any assistance to you, either as a community, or groups or as individuals.