Letter from Fred Bullard Jr regarding Property Annexation
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The letter below was received by email on September 13th 2004  from the Bullard Group with a note that it was also sent to the Feather Sound News.

Dear Neighbor,

I have received numerous calls asking about all of the improvements taking place on our entry roads (Egret Blvd, Lake point Drive, Heron Blvd, and Whisperwood Drive). When this property was developed, approximately 30 years ago, it was intended that these roads be dedicated to the community, however they were not deeded due to an engineering oversight or some other reason of which I am not certain.

Therefore, because Pinellas County did not own the roads, they would not assume the responsibility for maintenance. I have made repeated attempts to deed the streets to the County but was rejected due to the streets not meeting the current County specifications, although the County gave permits for the roads to be built as they are today. I was required to provide all of the maintenance for these roads even though they were being utilized by the public. This position was adhered to by the County for many years.

I  requested through our Commissioner, John Morroni, for help on filling the potholes, etc. and did receive help from the County on that request. During this time the City of St. Petersburg, under the leadership of Mayor Rick Baker, approached the Feather Sound Community about a potential annexation. There were several discussions with many of the residents. I also had discussions on the commercial property which I own. The reoccurring message from the community was that these roads needed to be resurfaced and maintained. The City of St. Petersburg indicated that they would do this. These overtures prompted Pinellas County to reconsider their previous policy and did discuss with me a proposal which would provide deeding the streets in order for them to be responsible for all future maintenance. However, this proposal was to utilize funds of the special taxing district to pay for roadway improvements before the County would accept them for maintenance. We all pay annually into the taxing district for the purpose of landscaping, lighting, and park improvements. I did not accept this proposal as I did not feel it would be proper to utilize funds specifically raised for other purposes, especially since I had been paying taxes to the County for over thirty years. Some of these County taxes should have been used for maintaining streets, etc., thus my decision was to annex the specific property to the City of St. Petersburg.

As you can see, the improvements now being constructed will make our community a better place to live for all of us. Yes, I will pay the additional taxes on these properties, however considering the vast improvements the City of St. Petersburg is now doing for the benefit of all of us, it is well worth the modest tax increase on these properties.

I hope this letter will explain my view and I am sure all of the residents of Feather Sound will enjoy our new entrance.


Fred B. Bullard, Jr.