Public Hearing - Land / Zoning Designation
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The City of St Petersburg Planning Commission held a public hearing on October 5th 2004. During the presentation of the proposed zoning recommendations City staff members recommended that the zoning hearing for the parcel of land adjacent to the Earl Maize Recreation Area be postponed for further study due to new information received from Pinellas County regarding this area. A letter containing this new information from County Planning Director Brian Smith can be seen by clicking on the images below. Several Feather Sound residents including a representative of the Feather Sound Community Services District gave comments to the effect that the entire parcel should be given preservation status and that any residential zoning designation be removed. The chairman of the City Planning Commission suggested that January of 2005 might be an approximate date for this area to be considered again.

City of St Petersburg Notice of Public Hearings

Planning Commission - Tues Oct 5th, 2004. 4:00pm, City Hall

City Council - Oct 21st, 2004 6:00 pm, City Hall (First of two hearings)

Application to Establish Future Land Use Plan and Zoning Designations for Recently Annexed Property

(Click on the images below to view the pages full size)

Egret Entrance Oct 5th Egret Entrance  Wetlands Area Oct 5th Parcel Table 1--9
Parcel Table 10-16 Parcel Table 17 Map 1 Map 2
The tables and maps
for both hearings
 are identical.

Map 3

City Council Hearing
Egret Entrance Oct 21st
City Council Hearing
Wetlands Area Oct 21st

The public hearings noticed above was originally scheduled for Tuesday August 17th but was postponed until Tuesday Oct 5th 4 p.m. It combines the land use and zoning hearing for the commercial property annexed by the City of St Petersburg around the Egret entrance to Feather Sound with an area near the wetlands. There has been some confusion on the part of interested parties regarding the land use and zoning designation process and some administrative benefits to consolidating the public hearing on this property with other property annexed by the City.

The Oct 5th hearings are before the City Commission, which then makes a recommendation to the City Council. The October 21st hearings are before the City Council. The October 21st hearing is the first of two hearings before the City Council. The second hearing before the City Council is currently scheduled for February 3rd 2005.  Pinellas County will also hold two public hearing for the wetlands property because there is a change on a 1.03 acre parcel adjacent to Gandy Blvd. The allowable use of this parcel is being changed from commercial general to low residential. These two Pinellas County hearings will occur before the February 3rd 2005 final public hearing before the City Council.

The sign below was posted on the property then removed and replaced with another one with information on the new public hearing date.

Rick MacAulay of the Development Services Department of the City of St Petersburg is available to answer questions and can be contacted directly at 893-7283 for more information.

A parcel of land just south of the Earl Maize Recreation area currently has the sign shown on the left posted on the property with the following notice:

Land Use Change. TO: Preservation/Residential Low Medium. Rezoning  TO: RM-10 Pres/RM-10. A PUBLIC HEARING to consider a request on this property will be held before the Planning Commission at 4:00 P.M. on Tuesday August 17th, 2004, at City Hall, 175 Fifth Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida. For information Call 893-7153. File # PC-672-A. City of St. Petersburg.

This property is privately owned by Carlos Yepes doing business as REO Investments. The land was involuntarily annexed by the City of St Petersburg in January of 2004 at the same time that approximately 1,600 acres of wetlands were annexed with the consent of the State of Florida but opposed by Pinellas County. See the St. Petersburg Times article of January 30th 2004.


The property is not part of the wetlands preserve, also known as the North Weedon Island Preserve, but is contiguous to the City annexed wetlands. The land has no registered voter resident on the property, which permitted annexation by the City without a public referendum or consent of the property owner.


The sign on this property is part of a required notification to the public that a land use and zoning designation is to be assigned to the parcel by the City of St Petersburg as a result of the annexation of the property. The land use and zoning codes proposed by the City of St Petersburg for this private property are essential the same as those previously assigned by Pinellas County.  This is an action initiated by the City of St Petersburg and not by the owner of the private property.


There are approximately 36 acres of land included in the parcel. Of these 36 acres about 17 have been given a preservation or wetland designation and the remaining 19 acres are residential. The 17 acres will retain their status as environmentally sensitive land under which no development is allowed. The 19 other acres will change from their current Pinellas County zoning designation of RPD-10 to the City of St Petersburg zoning designation of RM-10.  Although there are some minor differences in these zoning codes they are essentially the same in the development allowed for the property. The land use designation code of RLM for the 19 acres will remain the same. See complete nine page description of zoning code RM-10. (Adobe Reader required)


The owner of the private property has not filed a plan for the site with the City and his intentions for use of the land are unknown. He has however previously considered residential development of the site. Should a site plan be filed with the City of St. Petersburg it is likely that exceptions to land use or zoning codes will result in another public notice and hearing regarding the use and development of the parcel.


Our thanks to Rick MacAulay of the Development Services Department of the City of St. Petersburg for his help in clarifying the land and zoning designation process and providing much of the information above.


The photos below show the sign and property around it from several view points. The property is across the street from Eagles Pointe.  Click on the images to view them full size.

 View straight onto the property

View looking south View looking north

The property is to the right of Feather Sound Dr on the map shown below.

Ariel view of the property