Bill of Rights
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The following document by Deborah VanBrunt, resident of Feather Sound.


We the Neighbors of Pinellas County's airport assert the following rights

1. To have ongoing citizen representation in the airport's decision making processes on all issues impacting airport neighbors and to be informed throughout the process.

2. To vote on major land use decisions regarding the airport, including extensions of runways, airport expansion and development of adjacent open space owned by the county.

3. To retain the little open space remaining in our community.

4. To have late nights and early mornings free of aircraft noise.

5. To have a noise abatement program in place and enforced.

Therefore, we request the Airport and County Commissioners to:

1) Hold a referendum in airport-impacted districts to vote on the proposed runway extension, the proposed development of Airco Golf Course and the Master Plan.

2) Establish a 7-person joint airport-community Aviation Authority, consisting of aviation interests and neighborhood representatives, to oversee all airport management, plans and operations (not just noise abatement). The Airport Director would report to the Authority who would make recommendations directly to the County Administrator and the Board of County Commissioners. The role should include updating concerned citizens, at minimum by broadcast e-mail, announcements in neighborhood papers and current information on the airport web site.

3) To delay any runway extension, development of Airco Golf Course and airport expansion until a) an independent study has been completed on the economic justification of expanding PIE, and b) the interchange from 49th Street and Roosevelt Boulevard to 1-275 is in place.

4) Prohibit ALL landings and take offs from 1 Ipm to 7 am, including commercial, cargo, charter and general aviation flights. Renegotiate agreements with current airport users as necessary to prohibit operations between these hours. Negotiate with the military units at PIE to ensure operations between I Ipm and lam are limited as much as practical.

5) Develop, disseminate and ENFORCE noise abatement procedures for ALL types of operations, including the assessment of significant fines. Ensure citizens have mechanisms to register complaints and receive feedback on follow-up, but do not leave to citizens the job of monitoring compliance.

6) Maintain the little green space in the airport neighborhood including Airco Golf Course and the undeveloped county property along Evergreen Avenue. If the Golf Course is not to be maintained and marketed properly then convert it to a county park.

7) Allow no additional military aircraft to be housed at PIE. Explore options at MacDill for touch and go practice and other intrusive practice operations.