Notes from the July 2015 Crime Watch Meeting by Mary Trombitas.
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Notes from the July 2015 Crime Watch Meeting by Mary Trombitas.

Thanks for coming out to the meeting last week. I know that if we continue to have this level of support we will accomplish our goal to increase safety and security in FS. For those who could not attend the meeting, this is a synopsis of the information we shared:

Deputy Jessica Hughes shared recent criminal statistics. Recently, there have been 23 vehicles burglarized, 1 grand theft, and 1 house burglary. There is no known pattern in the timing of the burglaries. They occur across days and times. Report all non-emergency suspicious behavior using the PCSO main number 727-582-6200.

Street Lights: If the street lights in your area are either not working or not staying contact Duke Energy by phone or access their website and report it. They will schedule a repair/replacement for the light.

Vehicles: Remember to lock your doors. If criminals find the majority of our car doors locked, they may begin to lose interest in our neighborhood.

Garage doors: Keep garage doors closed. Newer garage doors may have a lockout device function. Check with your garage door vendor. Tie rap your garage door cord release as it can be accessed externally.

Newspapers: Pick up neighbor’s newspapers or solicitations if accumulating.

Pet Sitters: Ask your pet sitter to remove their magnet from their car while parked in your driveway.

Vacations: Call the sheriff’s department and request a “vacation check.” Deputies will drive by your home intermittently while you’re away. Let your neighbor know you’re on vacation and what vehicles should be parked in your driveway.

Alarms: Use an internal security system. Alarm windows inside. Alarms can be purchased from any hardware store. Security systems may also decrease your homeowners insurance premium.

Outside your home: Keep all bushes and hedges trimmed to increase visibility. Add motion flood lights. Mount cameras that are operative or just a camera that is not operating as it can act as a good deterrent.

Take a picture of suspicious cars and plates if comfortable. Call the PCSO and provide details.

Finally, anything you do to add time to a criminal’s ability to burglarize your property will help as it takes time to assess a home and they are often more successful when a quick assessment and entry is available. Be vigilant, aware, and report all suspicious activities to the PCSO – 727-582-6200.


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